Rhonda “All Cash Queen” scores a deal at United BMW

Greetings all, I am over the moon, totally elated and just plain “giddy” to report I have purchased A NEWER CAR (screaming to the top of my lungs in my Price Is Right voice) !!!!  Did you catch the word NEWER?  It’s not brand new but BABY it’s new to me.  And the best part about it is I paid ALL CASH Whoo Hooo!!!   Okay calm yourself Miss All Cash Queen (breath….. whoosa…… breath again).  Now let me tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of the adventure.  Just to catch you up, the car I was driving is a 1998 Acura which has OVER 311K miles, it has had the transmission replaced twice and my “check engine” light has been aglow for mmmh the last three years.  Therefore Miss All Cash Queen has been ready for a newer car for quite some time.  The first time I replaced the transmission, it was not done well and it gave me DRAMA for about 1 ½ years.  After that I tried to buy another car, which was a complete SCAM and the car turned out to be a TOTALLY LEMON.   Shortly after the scam situation the “not so good transmission” finally went out and I replaced it again (Dear God, Why Me…. Amen).  Around Christmas 2011, putting all the drama behind me (well at least I thought so) and armed with a stack of cash, I tried to purchase again but I couldn’t find a car to save my life.  Nothing seemed to fit.  I would find one that worked and call to negotiate then POOF it would be gone.  I would find another and read bad reviews on the dealer.  Once I called and finally got someone on the phone, then suddenly the line went DEAD!!  After about two weeks of that, I prayed “Lord what meanth thou by this”.  Finally, I got the hint WAIT AND BE PATIENT IT’S NOT TIME (I cried crocodile tears this time).  Fast-forward to now, I began the hunt again and was introduced to Tywon Thomas, of Auto Advisors.  Auto Advisors is a service that assists credit union members with the car buying process.  They give you UNBIASED help and service on locating, negotiating and purchasing the BEST DEAL.  Single ladies he will even go with you to the dealership so you don’t have to face the “Sleezy Car Guy” alone.  Ultimately, I purchased my newer car from United BMW (No it’s not a BMW but that’s next on my list).  Although Mr. Thomas was not able to help me at United BMW, because it was not in their network, he still checked out the specs, value and pricing of the vehicle and sent me in with a “game plan”.  Ivan Reyes of United BMW greeted me and took care of me from start to finish.  I didn’t have any pressure, any “Sleezy Car Guy” antics or the need to shoot anyone.  I drove the car; got the price I wanted, wrote a CHECK (Whoooo Hoooo!!!!) and was on my way.  He even gave me BMW key chains so I can keep the dream alive.

The Road to Freedom (Dear God please don’t make me drive this car for 300K miles…….. Amen)

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  1. Elaina says:

    Praise God! This is a true testimony of faith, perseverance and patience leading you to victory. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to become an “ALL CASH” champion as well.

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